Asheville, Tuesday - Downtown, Pt 1

I'm so behind on this blogging business!

Tuesday, I left the hotel with intentions of shooting up a storm in Downtown. Well, my excursion ended up being less shooting and more thinning of my wallet. But I'm okay with that. I had some tasty treats and supported some local artists and met some fun people.

A local clothier called Hunter & Coggins. I was amused with their sidewalk sign.

This store was so impressive! The storefront totally drew me in, with its great green facade and funky hanging planters. Nest Organics carries organic mattresses, pillows and other bedding and lots of other home products.

I loved their displays and decor. Lots of natural features.
So much local work. That's definitely one of the things I loved about Asheville. Most places that I shopped, I felt like my money was staying in Asheville, supporting local artists and the local economy.

Next, I hit up Malaprop's, a great local bookstore and cafe.  I picked up a calendar from a vegan cookbook author that I'd been eyeing for a while. Also got the tastiest coffee I've had in forever. It was a vanilla hazelnut latte with soy. I'm not even that big on coffee, but this was incredible. 

I've actually probably consumed more coffee this week than I have in the last 5 years. I'm sure this is mostly because everyone offers milk alternatives.

Uh huh, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. The "V" is for vegan! I didn't actually get one of these because I was on the hunt for cheesecake and/or ice cream.

Malaprop's had a great regional section with local authors. They also have a nice vegetarian cookbook section. Sadly, no local vegetarian cookbooks. The staff was super nice. I even met a group of the owners and management. The made sure to give me more recommendations for my Asheville trip.

More Downtown Asheville to come...

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Evie said...

Yay!!! This was my local recomendation! I love bookstores! Glad you got to experience this one!