Day 8

Decent day, food-wise. Still sticking with my goals.

A yummy spinach, banana, mango smoothie this AM. And the mango was fresh. I'd never had a fresh one that I cut open myself. I had no idea what the pit was like. Interesting little fruit. Pizza, well, bread and sauce, for my one cooked meal allowance. And I didn't feel sick afterwards (good and bad, I suppose). Mixed up some yummy seed cheese and tossed it on some romaine with an avocado. yummy. Also did some raw fried okra, yay! A lot of fruit and veggie snacks.

No exercise today, so I must get it in tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a LONG Saturday, as it's commencement and I have to shoot. I plan to swim after work though.


Day 7

A in summer semester nutrition class...check
raw pasta and marinara...check

raw ranch dressing...check
100 freaking percent raw...check, double check


Day 6

Soooo, I jumped on my gazelle for 15 minutes tonight, between studying and putting together dinner. Yay for mel!

Lunch wasn't so happy. I went with the boy to Veggies to Go, this place I absolutely adore! I ate fried okra, mashed potatoes, lima beans and cabbage. I didn't feel so hot afterwards. Boo! I did, however, stick with my one cooked meal allowance.

Short and sweet tonight. I should go study some more.

Day 5

Another so close to 100% raw day. And I'm feeling amazin'!

I still didn't exercise, and it's Day 5, gah! You know, when I finally get started and make it a habit, there's no stopping me. But when I've gotten out of the habit, starting up again is nightmarish!

I need somebody to kick my ass into gear!


Day 4

Was great!

I was almost completely raw, with exception of some tortilla chips with my taco salad and the last bit of my strawberry pie. And I actually got a decent amount of calories on day 4 too.
-Green Smoothie with spinach, banana, mango, water and coconut
-2 Bananas, 2 Apples
-Taco Salad with leaf lettuce, tomato (from my container garden!), corn, peppers, avo, salsa and some tortilla chips
-Strawberry Pie
-Almonds and Cashews

I didn't exercise though, boo. But that will happen on day 5.


Day 3

Wasn't so great. But I slept in and had a lazy, lazy day. Ate a whole cantaloupe for b'fast/lunch; leftovers (hibachi and strawberry pie) for dinner; and snacked a lot on fruit and pickles. Had a snowball with the boy at some point in there.

I bought my new coffee table fruit bowl. It's a fun green spun bamboo pedestal bowl. I like it.