Hark, Louisiana Friends

I'll be heading in a westerly direction, toward my beloved Louisiana, on Friday.

If anybody wants to get together, please let me know. I'd LOVE to see you!

I'll be in South Louisiana Saturday, the 19th, through Tuesday, the 22nd; Traveling to North Louisiana on Wednesday, the 23rd; and hanging out in/around Ruston from the 24th through the 28th.


Things I Adore about NOLA

Things I adore about New Orleans this weekend...

having this boy with me

white linen night

baby birthday cake from mrs kellie

getting Zapps, the special kind i can't find in alabama.


Hobby Lobby

Having one a mere 6 miles from my apartment is a ridiculously unhealthy thing. I need to put a limit on my visits.


Um, Hello...Is this thing on??

I know I've abandoned this for a year. I'm back now. But this won't be geared toward raw eating anymore. Just me, in general.