Asheville, Monday - Greenlife Grocery

I wanted to make a quick trip to a grocery store or drug store or something to pick up some snacks and maybe some cold medicine on Monday night. A guy at the hotel desk sent me just a couple blocks away to Greenlife Grocery. This was quite possible the worst place the dude could have sent me. Worst, as in, I could have stayed there forever!

When I pulled up, I hear a drum and this guy belting out lyrics to "When the Roll is Called Up Yonder." I get closer to the door and see this fella swaying and beating on his drum, eyes closed, yelling to the skies. I was entertained. I even pulled out a digital recorder because I enjoyed listening so much. My recorder battery died, though.

I walked in to see a big case full of seaweed salad, pasta salad, roasted potatoes, baked tofu, black bean cakes. Next to it was row upon row of desserts. More were listed vegan than not! Oh, my! There was a smoothie and juice bar, hot and cold salad bar, a case full of sushi rolls, a bulk section like none I've ever seen. I could make my own nut butters, whether I wanted peanut, almond or cashew. Tons of fresh (mostly overpriced) produce. A massive selection of meat alternatives and cheese alternative. So many different yogurt alternatives. A freezer full of non-dairy ice creams, raw desserts. Oh, my!

I had to focus, grab food and leave quickly! Or I could be there all night.

I picked up a yummy veggie roll with ginger kale, carrots, asparagus and almond in brown rice. Quite tasty.

Seeded Lemon Cranberry bread deliciousness! It was sooo good. and vegan!

I also picked up a club sandwich and kettle chips for Clint. 

Greenlife Grocery, I hope we meet again. You are my new crunchy love.

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