Asheville, Monday - Magnolia's

While I planned to stay in bed all day today, I drug myself out to grab lunch with Clint.

This is what I see outside my room, though. A First Baptist Church with the coolest roof.

For lunch, we went to a great little place right behind the hotel. Magnolia's at 26 E Walnut is a Raw Bar and Grill, with lunch, dinner and raw bar menus. I had a yummy salad with balsamic dressing and the Portobello Mushroom Sandwich.
A portobello cap with roasted red peppers, spring mix and a roasted garlic aioli on focaccia bread. This was, by far, the best focaccia that I've ever had. The mushroom was cooked wonderfully. I loved it! Clint had an awesome-looking fried shrimp po'boy. It came with smoked tomato tartar sauce that smelled incredible! I think Magnolia's is probably a really neat place when the weather is nice. They have a huge patio with walls that open up to make it a fantastic courtyard space with wrought-iron gates and lots of green plants.

Our waitress told us about a drum circle downtown on Friday night. I might have to stick around.

I have a growing list of awesomeness that I need to check out here in Asheville. Right now, I MUST check out Rosetta's. A local vegan lady recommended I go there. The menu looks incredible, and it's all just for me! I'm also on the hunt for vegan cheesecake!

Oh, I almost forgot, I think the cleaning lady left me a snack.

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Evie said...

Was that an intentional snack? Either way it's pretty funny!