Day 14

I'm always thrown off on days that I don't have to go into work. I sleep late and just don't always start my day how I'd like. I slept in, helped one of my student workers via phone, then had lunch with the boy.

I had a very unraw blackbean burger and no salt fries. I even took a couple bites of the boy's chocolate chip cake dessert. I still dunno why. Generally, I wouldn't have even tasted it. *Sigh*

Got some stuff done today. Got a bit of exercise and some Vitamin D at the pool today!!!

The boy came home announcing he'd have a fruit smoothie for dinner. Sweet idea! So, we did orange, pineapple, strawberry, banana (with a touch of vodka).

But THEN I ate a pint of SoyDream, THEN a 1/4 cup pintos with salsa and tortilla chips. What the hell? I feel kinda shitty now. Booo, Mel!

I have to got out of town EARLY in the AM for work, and I'll return on Sat evening. I'm packing a couple apples and bananas and a fistful of Larabars and fruit leathers with me. It's gotten easy to be vegan and travel, but I haven't travelled raw yet. We'll see. I really don't think it should be so bad, and it's only two days.

Day 13

Had a bit of a juice/smoothie mishap. I tried carrot, apple, ginger and a little lime all in my blendtec (oh, yeah, i got my blendtec in!). I added a little water. But I could not drink this, booo! I put a whole key lime in there, peel and all. I think that's what got me. It was too bitter and (the odd part) made my throat hurt like crazy! Sad day! I'll continue to experiment.

Rocked a whole cantaloupe for lunch, yummmy!

Snacked on some red and orange pepper strips and some fruit leather and dates and nuts.

A taco salad for dinner. I added some pintos (not raw) and some tortillas (not raw) that I cut up and popped in the oven just to brown. Also had some tortilla chips and the rest of the avo and salsa and pintos from salad. I can really say, the pintos didn't add anything to the salad. And I LOVE me some pintos and black beans!

Maybe my taste buds are changing more than I realized.


Day 12

Yes, indeed. I'm freakin' exhausted and about to head to bed early. Work will be nuts this week. I'm not thrilled about it, but ya know, I get to go to work everyday and do something I love. I can deal with that.

I had a yummy green smoothie for breakfast in my yummy new smoothie bottle!
For lunch, I ate Hibachi leftovers. A banana and an apple for afternoon snacks.
Dinner, I had a pretty taco salad, whooo!

And I snacked on lotsa fruit (strawberries, mango) and veggies (red and yellow peppers, carrots, celery) as I cut them up and stored them away. Oh, and some watermelon. Plus, I had a couple dates and cashews, yum!!

No intentional exercise today, but I did have to walk more than usual for work today. And in the rain. It was hot and steamy and gross! I really wanted to swim today, boo.

Um, I think I'll mix up some travel goodies tomorrow nite. I have to go out of town for work EARLY Friday through Saturday. And I'll be traveling with coworkers. We'll see how that goes food-wise.

Days 9, 10 and 11

Still trucking on. The weekend was hectic with work, then I took yesterday off to recoup. So, I've left The Monologues unattended.

I stuck to most of my goals for the first 10 days, except for the exercise one. Boo, I have excuses like being tired and such, but that's bullshit that I need to get over.

11 started a new 10-day mini challenge. And I got some swimming exercise in, sweet! Didn't eat very much on 11. I need to fix that.