Day 14

I'm always thrown off on days that I don't have to go into work. I sleep late and just don't always start my day how I'd like. I slept in, helped one of my student workers via phone, then had lunch with the boy.

I had a very unraw blackbean burger and no salt fries. I even took a couple bites of the boy's chocolate chip cake dessert. I still dunno why. Generally, I wouldn't have even tasted it. *Sigh*

Got some stuff done today. Got a bit of exercise and some Vitamin D at the pool today!!!

The boy came home announcing he'd have a fruit smoothie for dinner. Sweet idea! So, we did orange, pineapple, strawberry, banana (with a touch of vodka).

But THEN I ate a pint of SoyDream, THEN a 1/4 cup pintos with salsa and tortilla chips. What the hell? I feel kinda shitty now. Booo, Mel!

I have to got out of town EARLY in the AM for work, and I'll return on Sat evening. I'm packing a couple apples and bananas and a fistful of Larabars and fruit leathers with me. It's gotten easy to be vegan and travel, but I haven't travelled raw yet. We'll see. I really don't think it should be so bad, and it's only two days.

Day 13

Had a bit of a juice/smoothie mishap. I tried carrot, apple, ginger and a little lime all in my blendtec (oh, yeah, i got my blendtec in!). I added a little water. But I could not drink this, booo! I put a whole key lime in there, peel and all. I think that's what got me. It was too bitter and (the odd part) made my throat hurt like crazy! Sad day! I'll continue to experiment.

Rocked a whole cantaloupe for lunch, yummmy!

Snacked on some red and orange pepper strips and some fruit leather and dates and nuts.

A taco salad for dinner. I added some pintos (not raw) and some tortillas (not raw) that I cut up and popped in the oven just to brown. Also had some tortilla chips and the rest of the avo and salsa and pintos from salad. I can really say, the pintos didn't add anything to the salad. And I LOVE me some pintos and black beans!

Maybe my taste buds are changing more than I realized.


Day 12

Yes, indeed. I'm freakin' exhausted and about to head to bed early. Work will be nuts this week. I'm not thrilled about it, but ya know, I get to go to work everyday and do something I love. I can deal with that.

I had a yummy green smoothie for breakfast in my yummy new smoothie bottle!
For lunch, I ate Hibachi leftovers. A banana and an apple for afternoon snacks.
Dinner, I had a pretty taco salad, whooo!

And I snacked on lotsa fruit (strawberries, mango) and veggies (red and yellow peppers, carrots, celery) as I cut them up and stored them away. Oh, and some watermelon. Plus, I had a couple dates and cashews, yum!!

No intentional exercise today, but I did have to walk more than usual for work today. And in the rain. It was hot and steamy and gross! I really wanted to swim today, boo.

Um, I think I'll mix up some travel goodies tomorrow nite. I have to go out of town for work EARLY Friday through Saturday. And I'll be traveling with coworkers. We'll see how that goes food-wise.

Days 9, 10 and 11

Still trucking on. The weekend was hectic with work, then I took yesterday off to recoup. So, I've left The Monologues unattended.

I stuck to most of my goals for the first 10 days, except for the exercise one. Boo, I have excuses like being tired and such, but that's bullshit that I need to get over.

11 started a new 10-day mini challenge. And I got some swimming exercise in, sweet! Didn't eat very much on 11. I need to fix that.


Day 8

Decent day, food-wise. Still sticking with my goals.

A yummy spinach, banana, mango smoothie this AM. And the mango was fresh. I'd never had a fresh one that I cut open myself. I had no idea what the pit was like. Interesting little fruit. Pizza, well, bread and sauce, for my one cooked meal allowance. And I didn't feel sick afterwards (good and bad, I suppose). Mixed up some yummy seed cheese and tossed it on some romaine with an avocado. yummy. Also did some raw fried okra, yay! A lot of fruit and veggie snacks.

No exercise today, so I must get it in tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a LONG Saturday, as it's commencement and I have to shoot. I plan to swim after work though.


Day 7

A in summer semester nutrition class...check
raw pasta and marinara...check

raw ranch dressing...check
100 freaking percent raw...check, double check


Day 6

Soooo, I jumped on my gazelle for 15 minutes tonight, between studying and putting together dinner. Yay for mel!

Lunch wasn't so happy. I went with the boy to Veggies to Go, this place I absolutely adore! I ate fried okra, mashed potatoes, lima beans and cabbage. I didn't feel so hot afterwards. Boo! I did, however, stick with my one cooked meal allowance.

Short and sweet tonight. I should go study some more.

Day 5

Another so close to 100% raw day. And I'm feeling amazin'!

I still didn't exercise, and it's Day 5, gah! You know, when I finally get started and make it a habit, there's no stopping me. But when I've gotten out of the habit, starting up again is nightmarish!

I need somebody to kick my ass into gear!


Day 4

Was great!

I was almost completely raw, with exception of some tortilla chips with my taco salad and the last bit of my strawberry pie. And I actually got a decent amount of calories on day 4 too.
-Green Smoothie with spinach, banana, mango, water and coconut
-2 Bananas, 2 Apples
-Taco Salad with leaf lettuce, tomato (from my container garden!), corn, peppers, avo, salsa and some tortilla chips
-Strawberry Pie
-Almonds and Cashews

I didn't exercise though, boo. But that will happen on day 5.


Day 3

Wasn't so great. But I slept in and had a lazy, lazy day. Ate a whole cantaloupe for b'fast/lunch; leftovers (hibachi and strawberry pie) for dinner; and snacked a lot on fruit and pickles. Had a snowball with the boy at some point in there.

I bought my new coffee table fruit bowl. It's a fun green spun bamboo pedestal bowl. I like it.


Day 2

Twas my 25th today. I didn't stick to my goals as much as I'd like to have. There was lots of snack food laying around with my family being at my apartment. I'm allowing myself one cooked meal a day for the first 30 days of RawFu, so I wasn't totally off-goal today. I had a few not so raw potato chips sometime this afternoon. Boo.
My parents took me out for Hibachi. I gorged myself. I'm not gonna lie. Avo and cuke rolls, then steamed rice, hibachi veggies and mushrooms! Then I ate some birthday strawberry pie (that I made this morning). I was prepared to not stick with everything today, so I'm okay with it.
The fam's gone, and tomorrow's a new day. And grocery day, even! I love grocery shopping!!!

The boy and I had a great idea earlier tonite. It happened like this:
He asked if there was anything he could do to help me with my RawFu endeavor. (Isn't he great?) I told him that I didn't think there was anything specific, but that I wanted to rearrange the food cabinets so raw stuff is the first thing I see and the easiest thing to reach. I told him he might have to reach a little higher for his food (which is fine, he's taller than me). He said he'd stop leaving not-so-healthy snacks sitting around, like potato chips on the coffee table.
I mentioned it'd be great to start leaving bananas and apples on the coffee table. He said, "why not?" So, tomorrow, we're buying a second bowl for fruit to leave on our coffee table! Go us!

I'm looking forward to the next 98!

That pie was freaking amazing by the way. I don't regret it at all :)


Raw Fu Fighting: Day 1

So, I'm Raw Fu Fighting with over 1000 other amazing kids. Today, we started the RawFu 100 Day Raw Food Challenge, and I'm quite excited about it.

I've established some goals and safe foods for the first 10 days. Safe foods include bananas, watermelon and carrots. My goals are to exercise at least 5 of those 10 days; to eat enough calories (this is often a problem for me when eating raw); and to enjoy it!

The boy took before photos for me last night, and I weighed and took measurements this morning! Those are as follows:
14" arm
29" thigh
38/45.5" bust
40" waist
55.5" hip
46.5" thighs

I'm thinking that I'll weigh and measure every 10 days.

Today, the boy ordered a Blendtec for my birthday!! I'm so excited about it. He must love me ;)