Day 13

Had a bit of a juice/smoothie mishap. I tried carrot, apple, ginger and a little lime all in my blendtec (oh, yeah, i got my blendtec in!). I added a little water. But I could not drink this, booo! I put a whole key lime in there, peel and all. I think that's what got me. It was too bitter and (the odd part) made my throat hurt like crazy! Sad day! I'll continue to experiment.

Rocked a whole cantaloupe for lunch, yummmy!

Snacked on some red and orange pepper strips and some fruit leather and dates and nuts.

A taco salad for dinner. I added some pintos (not raw) and some tortillas (not raw) that I cut up and popped in the oven just to brown. Also had some tortilla chips and the rest of the avo and salsa and pintos from salad. I can really say, the pintos didn't add anything to the salad. And I LOVE me some pintos and black beans!

Maybe my taste buds are changing more than I realized.

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