Raw Fu Fighting: Day 1

So, I'm Raw Fu Fighting with over 1000 other amazing kids. Today, we started the RawFu 100 Day Raw Food Challenge, and I'm quite excited about it.

I've established some goals and safe foods for the first 10 days. Safe foods include bananas, watermelon and carrots. My goals are to exercise at least 5 of those 10 days; to eat enough calories (this is often a problem for me when eating raw); and to enjoy it!

The boy took before photos for me last night, and I weighed and took measurements this morning! Those are as follows:
14" arm
29" thigh
38/45.5" bust
40" waist
55.5" hip
46.5" thighs

I'm thinking that I'll weigh and measure every 10 days.

Today, the boy ordered a Blendtec for my birthday!! I'm so excited about it. He must love me ;)

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