A weekend

of pictures, new friends and painting. It was delightful.

I spent some time with my new friend, Robin, shooting some of her amazing work for her Etsy shop. Check out her store. And buy stuff from her! She made my awesome black and pink kitty hat that I'm wearing in my profile pic.

Sips N Strokes with Jenn. Goodtimes that made me realized how much I miss painting in art school (and being social!) Maybe I'll have to revisit it (both.) I did discover that I do NOT like acrylics because they dry way too fast. My shadows stink!

Put on a pot of soup to have for lunches this week. I picked this up at Kroger, as it was on sale last week. Thought I could give it a whirl. It made the apartment smell yummy. It's a very simple taste, nothing specific or overpowering. Quite comforting though. And filling! I packed a cup and a half in addition to a huge Greek salad for lunch today. Yum.

Shot Ellianna and her adorable little family yesterday.  She'll be a new big sister in the next week or so.

Good weekend with lots to keep me busy, but lots of relaxing time with Clint.


Mary said...

Love the kitty hats! I wish I had while the weather has been so cold! It's a great excuse to wear it :) I need a black one.

I'm also loving the family portraits! :) I like the style.

Anonymous said...

theveganmonologues.blogspot.com; You saved my day again.