Food Alternatives

as of late.

I've been getting back into finding better alternatives for foods. For Christmas dinner at my parents' house, I made sweet potato casserole with acorn squash instead of sweet potatoes. The texture was slightly different just because the potatoes are so starchy, but the taste was quite similar. I absolutely LOVE sweet potato casserole and usually get upset if it's not at a holiday meal. But I really like this alternative. I will probably make this more at my own place now. Clint said we should.

Here's a calorie breakdown just for kicks:

quite a difference, huh!

For dinner last night, I finally tried something that's been on my list for ages.
colorful, huh?
That's not mashed potatoes though. It's mashed cauliflower! And it was delicious. Even Clint enjoyed it.

I just steamed the cauliflower and tossed it in my amazing Blendtec with some salt, pepper, garlic and Earth Balance.
Clint said he'd like to have mashed cauliflower with his salmon soon. Yay!

Impressive, no?


Clint said...

The mashed cauliflower was pretty interesting. The texture was almost puree, like non-lumpy mashed potatoes. It had a slightly sweet flavor. I had the sensation that I was eating some herb-flavored instant mash potatoes. I would have never ever guessed it was cauliflower (I don't eat the stuff).

Mary said...

How does one go about mashing cauliflower? I like cauliflower anyway, so....

mel said...

Mary, I put it in my blender, BUT the next time I did it, I ended up with a smoothie. I'd recommend a hand mixer or a potato masher from now on.